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Ukrainian NGOs call for support for Lyudmyla Kozlovska

In our opinion, entering Lyudmyla Kozlovska into the Schengen Information System (SIS) and depriving her of the right to stay within the Schengen area is a dangerous precedent initiating a new way of persecution of civil activists in the EU Member States” – claims a group of Ukrainian NGOs in response to the deportation of the ODF President from the EU.

On 17th August, the Centre for Civil Liberties, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and a number of other Ukrainian organisations advocating human rights issued a call in connection with detention of President of the Open Dialog Foundation which took place in Brussels and her removal from the territory of the European Union. In their joint call they emphasise that the attempts at discrediting the Foundation before the EU institutions or rumours disseminated by the Polish right-wing press concerning the ODF’s alleged co-operation with the Russian special forces commenced shortly after the Foundation’s authorities had engaged into anti-government protests against violations of the Polish Constitution. “On the other hand, the new legislative changes concerning the judiciary system in Poland have been criticised by the EU and forced the European Commission to institute the proceedings against Poland under Article 7 of the Treaty of Lisbon for the first time ever.” – highlight the NGOs.

Full content of the call in the Ukrainian or English languages can be read here.


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