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Newsweek: European politicians stand up for Kozlovska who has been removed from the EU

Guy Verhofstadt, Alice Stollmeyer and a number of other European activists and politicians speak out in defence of Lyudmyla Kozlovska, President of the Open Dialog Foundation who has been removed from the EU territory upon demand of the Polish authorities – reports Newsweek. They claim that the Polish authorities have abused the Schengen regulations just to get rid of their political opponent.

Ms Kozlovska claims that this act is simply a retaliation of the state security services for opposition activities of her husband, Bartosz Kramek. A number of European politicians headed by Guy Verhofstadt, the Chair of the Liberal Group at the European Parliament, have already spoken out in her defence.” – reports the weekly. Verhofstadt even compared reporting of Kozlovska’s name into the Schengen Information System by the Polish authorities to acts performed by authoritarian regimes and called for the suspension of the ban on entry into the EU territory which has been imposed upon the ODF President.

Meanwhile, Alice Stollmeyer, Executive Director at Defending Democracy based in Brussels whose mission is to protect Western democracies against the authoritarian attempts of Kremlin asserted that the Polish authorities abused the Schengen regulations in order to get rid of their political opponent” – adds Newsweek.


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