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MEP Rebecca Harms shocked by the expulsion of the ODF President from the EU

On 17 August, having heard about the detention (on the request of the Polish government), and, subsequently, expulsion from the EU territory  of the President of the Open Dialogue Foundation Lyudmyla Kozlovska, MEP from the Green faction, Rebecca Harms expressed her shock.

She wrote on Twitter as follows: “Again: shocking is that she was deported from Brussels. EU has to guarantee to @LyudaKozlovska a new Schengen Visa. And Poland has to play according to Schengen rules”.

This is another EU politician, along with Guy Verhofstadt, Róża Thun or Tunne Kelam, who expressed strong opposition to the use, by the government of the Law and Justice party, of the Schengen Agreement for political persecution.


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