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“MFA did not collaborate with the Moldovan structures on the case of ODF” – the Ministry responds to the Foundation’s inquiry

On 1 March 2019, the Open Dialogue Foundation received a response to a request for public information regarding contacts between Polish diplomats and their Moldovan counterparts. The Ministry denounced the fact of collaboration with Moldovan structures on the cases of the ODF and Lyudmyla Kozlovska, and stated that the investigation commisson’s report, received from the Moldovan Embassy in Poland with a request to be sent to the Speaker of the Sejm, Mr. Kuchciński, has been submitted with the Internal Security Agency.

Lest we forget that in December 2018, Head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jacek Czaputowicz, was captured in photographs at a meeting with the head of Moldovan diplomacy, during which documents concerning the ODF appeared. The Polish Ambassador, in turn, met with the leaders of the opposition and expressed his regret over the fact that, in Moldova, the case of Lyudmyla Kozlovska is used instrumentally against them, for internal policy purposes. However, this did not change the narrative of the pro-government media in the country governed by superoligarch Vlad Plahotniuc.

In view of the aforementioned facts, on 14 February 2019, we addressed the head of the MFA with a request for public information regarding the contacts of our diplomats with their Moldovan counterparts and other power structures there; we desired to understand how close their relations are and what issues they pertain to. On the last day of the statutory deadline for the response, we received a letter from the MFA’s Press Office with detailed answers to the questions posed by us. The Press Office also expressed its critical position regarding the situation of ‘a lack of respect for democratic principles’ in the country.