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The Open Dialog Foundation and the editors of “Wyborcza” in Łódź: A joint meeting for the residents of Kyiv

Protesters in Kyiv need medicines, dressing materials and cosmetics. “In Warsaw, the Open Dialogue Foundation is organizing a collection of pharmaceuticals, and on Thursday, on the Constitution Square, it will organize a demonstration of solidarity with the protesters. In Łódź, in cooperation with the Foundation, the collection for the residents of Kiev is carried out by our editorial office at 72/17 Sienkiewicza Street, “Gazeta Wyborcza informs.

According to the portal, the Open Dialog Foundation operates on the Kiev EuroMaidan since November, when anti-government demonstrations broke out against non-signing an association agreement with the European Union. ODF organizes concerts and meetings, including Jacek Szymanderski, an activist of KOR (Workers’ Defence Committee) and Solidarity. ODF’s most important tasks include collecting information about human rights violations, direct help to protesters and pro-EU education.

A few days ago, another eight volunteers left for Kiev, who want to help at the expense of their personal lives – says Tomasz Czuwara, head of the press office of the Open Dialogue Foundation. – They scrupulously record, inter alia, the cases of abducting injured demonstrators from hospitals. We have already collected the results of our work so far in a report that we published on the website. Now we’re preparing the next one. Poles also help the medical service of EuroMaidan and try to put straight the image of the European Union instilled by Ukrainian propaganda. In addition, the presence of volunteers in lawsuits as international observers affects the adjudications.