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Wrocław helps Ukraine. The Open Dialogue Foundation organizes the collection of medicines

Ukrainians who protest at Maidan are particularly in need of common cold medicine, analgesics, and drugs supporting digestive system. During the manifestations many people were injured, so it is worth bringing bandages and various types of dressing materials – we read on the Wrocław NaszeMiasto portal.

According to the Open Dialog Foundation report, during the protests in Kiev 77 people were arrested, 11 went missing and 4 were killed (as reported at the end of last week). “We already have several dozens of cartons with sore throat medications and dressing materials in our office in Warsaw,” says Bartosz Kramek, President of the Board of the Open Dialog Foundation. – We have also collected PLN 20,365.57 (as on January 27, 3:00 PM), for which we will buy medicines and equipment for hospitals in Kiev. Transport to the hospitals takes place on average 2-3 times a week. Pharmaceuticals are shipped every Saturday – he adds.

In addition to fundraising and collection of medicines, ODF also organizes missions to Kiev. Volunteers take part in them. A hundred people have already registered.