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The Open Dialogue Foundation, FIDU and the Centre For Civil Liberties on a joint mission in Ukraine

The Open Dialogue Foundation participated in a human rights observatory mission in Ukraine which took part within a period of 16-19.03.2019. It included a wide range of meetings with the representatives of the Ukrainian civil society, expert environment, authorities of Ukraine and the diplomats accredited in this country.

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The mission was the result of cooperation between three NGOs defending human rights: the Italian Federation for Human Rights (Italy), the Centre for Civil Liberties (Ukraine) and the Open Dialogue Foundation. FIDU bore the all the costs of the mission. Kornelia Wróblewska – a Polish MP (European Coalition) and a member of Polish-Ukrainian Parliamentary Group – also attended the mission.

Mainly, the mission was dedicated to the issues of the attacks on Ukrainian activists striving against corruption, local oligarchic systems and disfunctions of law enforcement agencies either passive or supporting the oligarchs which have not been reformed sufficiently after the Maidan revolution in 2013/14.

At the moment, the participants of the mission have been working on a mission report which is to be published shortly on the ODF’s web page.