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How to use international lustration experience in Ukraine

Today, all Ukrainian society is waiting for the adoption of the lustration bill, however many parliamentarians do everything to prevent it. One of the ideas proposed by the deputy of the Party of Regions faction, Anna Herman, is to talk about lustration through recourse to international bodies. At the last meeting of leaders of parliamentary factions, she came with a proposal to study international experience in this sphere. 

We want to inform members of the parliament that international experience has already been investigated long ago. What is more, the members failed to notice that in April the Open Dialogue Foundation organized an extraordinary conference in Kyiv attended by the representatives of all countries that had conducted the lustration. There were even Slovaks who did not carry out the lustration, yet they realized on their own example how difficult it would be to function without it. In addition, the Foundation organized a translation of our bill into eight languages ​​and sent it to 25 European experts so that they assured an accurate assessment of our ideas: how effective the ideas are and how they can be improved. Based on their opinion, the Foundation prepared 40 pages of comments, which was announced today by Lyudmyla Kozlovska – the Foundation’s President – during a joint press briefing with Yehor Sobolev in the Ukrainian Media Crisis Center.


Source: Social Lustration Committee