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Radio Svoboda: The Normandy Commission supports ODF’s proposal to adopt the Global Magnitsky Act

The participants of the third seminar of the Commission “Truth, justice and reconciliation between Russia, Ukraine and the EU”, which took place on June 2-5 in Caen, Normandy, issued a declaration calling on Russia to immediately stop the war with Ukraine and release all political prisoners – informs the correspondent of Radio Svoboda. 

“The participants of the seminar believe that respect for international law based on common values ​​such as justice and defense of human rights requires an immediate end to the war of the Russian Federation in Ukraine,” reads a joint declaration by the participants of the tripartite talks on peace between Russia and Ukraine.

The participants of the meeting together with the representatives of civil society from Russia, Ukraine and the European Union recommended not to restore Russia’s right to vote in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe “as long as it continues to sharply violate international law, including the European Convention on Human Rights”. They all supported the proposal of the Open Dialogue Foundation to adopt the Global Magnitsky Act against violations of human rights. 

Among the signatories of the document addressed to the civil society of Ukraine, Russia and EU countries, there was a representative of the Open Dialogue Foundation Paola Gaffurini.