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Petro Okhotin: Nadia Savchenko remains in custody

The representative of the Open Dialogue Foundation Petro Okhotin, who has currently been staying in Voronezh to observe the trial of an Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko, made a comment on her case at Hromadske TV.

Despite Nadia Savchenko’s and her lawyers’ requests, the court decided to keep the pilot behind bars untill 30 August. Among others, the lawyers asked for the change of preventive measure from the custody to a bailout of 500.000 RUB. The prosecutor did not agree to it contrary to the presumption of innocence.

It was decided not to process Nadia Savchenko’s crossing of the Ukrainian-Russian border as the court of first instance had already excluded the related material from the trial. However, Nadia’s lawyer Mark Feygin, citing the witnes’s testimony, stressed that Savchenko had not resisted arrest when transferred to the motel in her military uniform. On the basis of that testimony, the defence finds no reason to keep the pilot in custody and asks for her release on bail.

Nevertheless, at the request of the prosecutor, the investigation activities against Savchenko will be continued until 14 October 2014. Nadia Savchenko commented: “What am I supposed to do when it’s you to have such poorly qualified investigators who do not have enough time to deal with the case?”

Source: HromadskeTV