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Monitoring of the post-electoral situation in Ukraine

On the 10th of November, 2012, the CEC announced the oicial results of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine. Although on the day of the election, on the 28th  of October, 2012, no systemic violations  were  recorded, during the vote count many serious violations were revealed, and, as a result, the CEC was unable to establish the results of the ive ‘problematic’ districts. The court ordered the CEC not to announce the results in two other districts despite the fact that the oicial results have already been published. The progovernment Party of Regions won the majority in parliament. The opposition did not recognise the election results, but is ready to enter parliament in order to punish counterfeiters and to initiate government removal and impeachment of the President. Given the balance of power in the new parliament, initiatives of the opposition and personal ambitions of its leaders, most likely, the work of the new parliament will be unstable and conflict will occur.