Become a volunteer for the Open Dialogue Foundation!

Is it worth becoming a volunteer? At some point, many of us have asked ourselves this question. The very fact that you are here and reading this text means that you feel the need to help someone and want to give up some of your precious time to do so. So come and join those who are like you! 😊

Instead of asking if it’s worth it, let’s ask – why is it worth it? There are many reasons: gaining interesting experiences, meeting new people, developing in different areas. But above all, it is the ability to help that attracts us to volunteering! The feeling of warmth in your heart when a child you just gave a candy bar to at the train station smiles at you, or the look full of gratitude when you bring a mother with two toddlers into a warm room to let them rest and feel safe again. This is something you never forget!

Why become an Open Dialogue Foundation volunteer?

Again – the reasons are many. Because we have been fighting for the rule of law and democracy for years. Because we operate at an international level. Because we have many different projects and we support everyone in the direction they choose. But above all, because we help – when we need to and exactly where we need to. We were at the Maidan in 2014, and since 24 February we have been focusing on helping Ukrainian refugees and those fighting in Ukraine (for more information on our specific activities see here).

More specifically, what can you gain?
– activity in an international foundation defending human rights,
– great atmosphere and continuous support of the whole organisation,
– possibility to gain experience and develop in the directions you are interested in,
– testimonials,
– team-building events 😊
– ability to present yourself in the media,
– chance for permanent employment,
– necessary work tools,
– possibility of a study visit to the USA as part of cooperation with the American Congress,
– Google training for NGOs.

We invite you to join the following projects:
– Relocation points in Warsaw
– Volunteering in the field with refugees, presenting the offer of housing in Poland or abroad,
– Local relocation in Poland
– Volunteering online, connecting hosts with guests
– Hotline for our beneficiaries
– Volunteering online, Ukrainian or Russian required
– Communications/PR – without borders 😊 Cooperation with the media, running accounts on social media, creating graphics, writing texts, running Google Ads campaigns – feel free to choose your field 😊
– And much, much more.

Are you still with us? 😊 Then go to the form and sign up. Let’s talk! 😊


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