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Polish Civil Society Under Assault: Chair of ODF’s Supervisory Board detained on fabricated charges

24 June 2021

On the 23rd of June 2021, at 11:00, Bartosz Kramek, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Open Dialogue Foundation, was detained by Internal Security Agency officers, at the request of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin. After his detainment, he was transported from Warsaw to Lublin to be presented with “charges” and questioned. The […]

New ODF infographic: activities and accomplishments

16 October 2019

We defend human rights, democracy and the rule of law. We stepped on the toes of many authoritarian and hybrid regimes which currently conduct targeted propaganda and disinformation campaigns against us. Would you like to form your own opinion? Find out what we have done so far.

Open Dialogue Foundation’s 2017 season’s greetings and 2016 top achievements

4 January 2017

As the Open Dialog Foundation, we would like to thank you for your support during the past year and wish you all the best in your professional and personal life in 2017! On this occasion we would like also to share with you some of the ODF's top achievements of the year 2016.

France has refused to extradite Mukhtar Ablyazov to Russia and Ukraine

10 December 2016

Breaking news: France has refused to extradite Mukhtar Ablyazov to Russia and Ukraine. The decision of the French Conseil d'Etat is final. He is going to leave the arrest after 3 years.

The Open Dialog Foundation’s top achievements

24 August 2016

Representatives of the Foundation follow and attend the most important sessions and meetings of the international organizations and institutions in Brussels, Strasbourg, Vienna and Geneva.

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