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Satrap Nazarbayev frees his political opponent. Vladimir Kozlov released from prison

19 August 2016

Vladimir Kozlov, Kazakh dissident and leader of the biggest opposition party "Alga" was released from prison after nearly five years spent behind bars.

The “Ukrainian World” centre closed its doors. It helped 30 thousand Ukrainians

23 June 2016

After over two years of activity, the ODF closed down the Warsaw-based “Ukrainian World” centre. It was the first and biggest centre offering support to large numbers of Ukrainians arriving to Poland. From the beginning of its activity, the “Ukrainian World” helped over 30 000 people.

Open Dialogue at consultative hearing in the preparation for PACE report on misuse of Interpol

30 May 2016

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe's (PACE) Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, held a hearing in Rome on 18 May 2016, dedicated to the topic of the misuse of Interpol by non-democratic states and the need for more stringent legal safeguards.

Assistance to the Chernobyl victims – Polish people’s perspective

30 May 2016

On 26 May, 2016, on the initiative of the Polish company ‘The Farm 51’, a team of experts went to the Chernobyl zone. The main purpose of the trip was to study the needs of the schools in the region affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

World Premiere of the Chernobyl VR Project attracts crowds in Kyiv History Museum

9 May 2016

The world premiere of the first interactive virtual museum of Chernobyl took place in the Kyiv History Museum on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 marking the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.



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