Chronological review

A couple of years have passed since the establishment of the Foundation. It is difficult, however, to summarise in a few sentences everything that has happened during this time and what we have achieved. 

We encourage you to become acquainted with our timeline, where you will find the most important information regarding the Foundation and its priority activties, as well as its successes in the area of human rights protection and enhancing democracy in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

7 April 2014
Press conference “MyZWami” (WeAreWithYou)

Press conference “MyZWami” (WeAreWithYou)

The Open Dialog Foundation organises a press conference entitled „MyZWami”, summarising the aid provided so far by Polish society to Ukraine. The conference is held in the newly-opened aid centre for the Ukrainian citizens "Ukraiński Świat” (Ukrainian World).