Claire Masiée

Claire studies International Relations at American University with a focus on human rights and conflict resolution between Western and Eastern European institutions. At American University, she is a member of the International Relations Society (AMIRS), where she acted as the Director of External Affairs in 2022. She has also co-organized the Model United Nations (AMERIMUNC) and  the Washington International Relations Conference.

In 2023, Claire studied in Germany at the Free University of Berlin and interned at Volkssolidarität, an NGO which focuses on the immigration and asylum-seeking processes in Germany. Specifically, she translated legal documents and engaged in social work at one of its refugee centers in Berlin.

In the near future, Claire has also been accepted into the Lex Fellowship, where she will learn about international law and work with various law firms in Madrid. She will also complete her first Capstone Project on ethnic cleansing and genocide from a comparative perspective in the hopes of making connections with her past projects into trocities committed by Nazi and American soldiers during the Vietnam War.

Claire is a native bilingual in English and French, speaks German, and is studying Russian. Professionally, Claire is passionate about research on the use of AI in international relations and human rights. Personally, Claire enjoys contemporary dance and the violin. She is passionate about fashion. She studied at Parsons Paris and loves Tom Ford’s work for Gucci. She prefers cats and listens to Lana Del Rey from sunrise to sundown.

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