Jack Meikrantz

From Pennsylvania in the United States, Jack currently studies International Relations at American University in Washington, D.C with a thematic focus on foreign policy and security policy and a regional focus on Europe.

So far, Jack has experience in conducting policy research at American University, especially with regards to projects on United States’ foreign policy and electoral data. Before university, he worked as an IT Intern for a shipping company and his local school ; he also worked as a Campaign Intern for the campaign to Congress of Tom Brier, and as a Special Events Coordinator at Dickinson College.

In the future, Jack aspires towards a career in international politics and is excited about the new perspective on policy-making that ODF can provide.

Jack is passionate about international politics, history, and geography, and is looking forward to witnessing the European and Belgian elections in 2024. Jack also enjoys American football, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and traveling.

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