Jan Rymszewicz

Janek is a policy and advocacy pundit with a bachelor’s degree in translation and interpretation from the Institut Supérieur des Traducteurs et Interprètes (ISTI), and a master’s degree in international relations from UCLouvain, with a specialization in conflict resolution.

Janek has experience in policy research and advocacy in think tanks and consultancies, especially in security, defense, and foreign policies. His adventure with ODF began as an internship in policy and advocacy back in the summer of 2022; he is currently the Policy & Advocacy Officer in Brussels, and is proficient in English, French, Spanish, and Polish.

Professionally, Janek is interested in the Rule-of-Law, security and foreign policies, technology, and mobility. Personally, Janek loves all with wheels and an engine, road trips, and track days; he enjoys listening to old-school hard rock, blues, and rap, getting lost in nature, and photography; he is obsessed with dogs.

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