Michał Boni

Doctor of Humanities, assistant professor at the University of Warsaw (1977-1989). Activist of the underground “S” and head of the Mazovia region of “Solidarity” (1989-1990) Minister in many governments: Labor and Social Policy (1991) and secretary of state in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy (1992-1993) Member of the Sejm (1991-1993), founder and head of the Institute of Public Affairs (1996-1997), advisor in the government of Jerzy Buzek. Advisor to “Lewiatan” in EU projects (2002-2007).

Head of strategic advisers to Prime Minister Tusk and the Permanent Committee of the Council of Ministers (minister: 2008-2011), author and coordinator of work on the POLSKA 2030 report and reports: YOUTH 2011 and YOUTH 2018. The first minister of digitization in Central and Eastern Europe (2011-2013), author of the program: DIGITAL POLAND. Member of the European Parliament (2014-2019), active in the Freedom and Justice Committee and the Industry and Science Committee (digital affairs). Rapporteur of, inter alia, legislation on data protection and privacy, access and information data as open data, the development of gigabit-society and 5G, the functioning of Artificial Intelligence, the establishment of the European Open Data Cloud for Science and Supercomputers in the EU, initiator of the establishment program and fund: Rights and Values addressed to civic organizations. 

Currently – SWPS and Senior Researcher Associate at Martens Center (think tank in Brussels). Author of many articles and works, including “Artificial Intelligence and Management Beyond Ethics” (Martens Center). 

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