Paola Gaffurini

Paola initially joined the Brussels Office of the Open Dialogue Foundation in October 2016 as an intern, and later became a full-time member of the team. Her main responsibilities include advocacy activities and cooperation with institutions of the European Union, Council of Europe and National Parliaments within the EU.

Paola obtained a BA degree in International Relations from University of Trento, and due to her interest in the issues present in Eastern Europe, she decided to do her Master’s degree in Eastern European and Russian Studies at Vilnius University. There, she had the opportunity to apply economic, political, socio-demographic and cultural perspectives to the post-communist areas, particularly Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Her main areas of interests are: the European Neighbourhood Policy, Italy-Russia Relations and the Geopolitics of the Narration.

Privately, she is an art enthusiast, a moviegoer and a good cook.