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ODF and FIDU advocated for human rights at the 28th OSCE PA Annual Session in Luxembourg

On July 4th, in occasion of the 28th OSCE PA Annual Session, the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF) and the Italian Federation for Human Rights (FIDU) organised a side-event on post-elections scenarios in Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan at the premises of the European Convention Centre in Luxembourg. The event, hosted by OSCE PA Member Mauro del Barba (Italy; PD), was part of a bigger mission to Geneva and Luxembourg, where the Open Dialogue Foundation held meetings with public representatives and official delegations to discuss cases of sensitive importance as the issues of the shrinking civic space in Poland in the light of its Human Rights Council Membership and the violations of fundamental freedoms in Kazakhstan, the shrinking space for civil society in Poland, the post-election scenarios and implications for civil rights in Moldova and Ukraine.