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Missions to the EU and Russian Federation in protection of the Ukrainian activists


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Activities of the Foundation. The statutory objectives of the Foundation include protection of human rights, democracy and rule of law in the post-Soviet area. Particular attention of the Foundation is focused on the region’s largest countries: Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. Find out more

For over two years, the ‘Ukrainian World was a platform of support for refugees from the East, managed by the Open Dialog Foundation in collaboration with EuroMaidan Warsaw. Find out more

Missions to the EU and Russian Federation in protection of the Ukrainian activists. The Foundation organises international observation missions, thus documenting, among others, human rights and election rights violations. Find out more

Missions to Kazakhstan. The Foundation organises observation missions which monitor the social and political situation as well as the state of observance of human rights in the major Commonwealth of Independent States countries, including Kazakhstan. Find out more

FaniMani. While shopping online you can support the Open Dialog Foundation by sharing with us a percentage of your transaction - without having to pay more. The donation, a set percentage of the transaction, will be transferred to the chosen NGO by the on-line shops participating in the programme. Find out more

Fair Play Idea. The Open Dialog Foundation has joined the Fair Play Idea platform. When you buy your insurance, a part of the sum you pay goes to the participating NGOs. What’s crucial, you bear no additional costs. Find out more

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