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Agenda of the Conference in EP « Central Asia : how to prevent and fight corruption ? »

14 June 2011

We are planning to suggest a common action plan on monitoring of the situations presented during the conference as well as to collect expectations with regard to actions from the EU institutes.

Kazakhstan: inactivity of the authorities pushes oil industry workers to suicide!

13 June 2011

The workers of “OzenMunayGaz”, “Karazhanbasmunay”, and a part of the Italian ENI holding “The Ersai Caspian Contractor LLC” have continued their termless protest action.

Conference in EP: «Central Asia: how to prevent and fight corruption?»

8 June 2011

Preventing and combating corruption in Central Asian countries.

The International Theatre Festival of student performances ”The mould from their eyes”

12 May 2011

It is a Festival which allows to present the results of the creative work performed by student theatres.

Vladimir D. Shkolnikov “The 2010 OSCE Kazakhstan Chairmanship: Carrot Devoured, Results Missing”

11 May 2011

The OSCE Chairmanship and the agreement to hold the 2010 OSCE Summit in Astana, despite it not having a Summit-like agenda were significant ‘carrots’ given to Kazakhstan.

Vera Axyonova “The EU-Central Asia Human Rights Dialogues: Making a Difference?”

10 May 2011

Structured human rights dialogues are held with each of the five Central Asian republics. They are designed to discuss questions of mutual interest and enhance cooperation on human rights as well as to raise the concerns of the EU on human rights in Central Asia.


15 April 2011


Reportage Exhibition in EP about Kazakhstan: one live between two realities

11 April 2011

The exhibition in EP: one live between two realities: “Kazakhstan, is it you?” under the auspices of the MEP Marek Siwiec (Group S&D)

Reportage Exhibition: one live between two realities

9 April 2011

The exhibition in EP: one live between two realities: “Kazakhstan, is it you?” under the auspices of the MEP Marek Siwiec (Group S&D).

Conference in EP: Kazakstan post-election scenarios 2011

9 April 2011

The conference “Kazakhstan: post-election scenarios 2011” under the auspices of the MEP Marek Migalski (ECR).

Young Voters’ League (YVL): turnout 59%

5 April 2011

The main violation at the election districts was the compulsion of students to vote, as well as the total shadowing on every vote

Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights/OSCE announces the facts about the pressure from state institutions on the voters to secure high turnout.

5 April 2011

The Head of the election observation mission of ODIHR/OSCE, Daan Everts, announcing the preliminary results of monitoring during election campaign on Monday.

The PACE delegation: the election reflects people’s will.

5 April 2011

The delegation of Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) thinks that people’s will is reflected in the result of the snap presidential election, which took place in Kazakhstan on Sunday.

The presidential election in Kazakhstan hasn’t reached the mark – ODIHR/OSCE

4 April 2011

The presidential election in Kazakhstan hasn’t reached the mark, the Head of ODIHR/OSCE observers Daan Everts declared reporting the preliminary results of election campaign monitoring.

Brother of the lost director of “Republic” (“Республика”) Daniyar Moldashev reported to the police about his disappearance

4 April 2011

Anxiety of the editorial office of Kazakhstan newspaper “Voice of Republic” (“Голос республики”), that the director of the editing-company Daniyar Moldashev disappeared for some reason is being confirmed.

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