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Public appeal to Adam Bodnar to end political investigations and rehabilitate the victims

12 February 2024

“We believe that, as the new Prosecutor General, you have not only a unique opportunity, but also a moral obligation, to conduct an effective review of a number of politically motivated cases. We hope that, in the case of investigations that show a so-called reasonable suspicion of insufficient grounds for prosecution, independent prosecutors will take […]

Repressions and Political Prisoners in Tokayev’s “New Kazakhstan”

18 August 2023

Disclamer This report provides an overview of political persecution and human rights violations in Kazakhstan, as well as a list of political prisoners in Kazakhstan. The information presented in this report was collected with the assistance of Kazakhstani human rights defenders and civil activists. In addition, the report is based on data provided by victims […]

Mass shootings and torture of peaceful protesters in Kazakhstan: Country’s authorities cannot be trusted. The need of independent international investigation

23 February 2022

Mass protests in early January 2022 in Kazakhstan took place in 48 cities and over 40 localities. Growing repression, the deteriorating economic situation and bogus reforms caused this unprecedented social upheaval in the modern history of independent Kazakhstan.

Polish Public Prosecutor’s Office: Selected Cases of Malicious Prosecution and Dereliction of Duties

16 February 2022

Since the Law and Justice (PiS)-led United Right coalition took power in 2015, we have witnessed an unprecedented level of politicisation of the public prosecution service, which has been transformed into a tool serving political and personal interests of the ruling camp and its members. This resulted in a growing number of politically motivated cases of investigations carried out primarily against those regarded as opponents of the government.

Bartosz Kramek: Next Target in the Campaign Against the Open Dialogue Foundation in Poland

17 January 2022

1. Summary The Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF), founded in 2009 in Poland, is a European NGO fighting for human rights, democracy and the rule of law in the post-Soviet area and, more recently, within the EU, focusing on stopping the rise of authoritarianism and the far-right in states like Poland and Hungary. Before 2017 the Foundation was known […]

Kazakhstan: unprecedented acts of the regime’s terror against civilians and the Russian-led CSTO’s military intervention

14 January 2022

This report is based on data, video and photo materials from eyewitnesses, activists, human rights defenders, peaceful protesters from more than 60 cities and villages in Kazakhstan, where protests were held. It also contains references to statements of the US, the EEAS, international organisations such as the UN, the OSCE, media outlets. In order to ensure safety of eyewitnesses, their names are not mentioned. Co-authors of this report, Raigul Sadyrbayeva and Aiya Sadvakasova, have been arrested under politically motivated criminal cases for their human rights activities. The authors of this report express their gratitude for all informants and volunteers, who contributed to this report despite risking their lives and freedom. The authors of the report extend their condolences to families, relatives and friends of those who lost their lives during these mass repressions. We strongly believe that the truth must be unravelled and perpetrators must be held accountable.

Malicious Prosecution by the Polish Public Prosecutor’s Office

16 August 2021

Since the Law and Justice (PiS)-led United Right coalition (composed of PiS and its two minor partners – Solidarna Polska and Porozumienie) took power in 2015, we have witnessed an unprecedented level of politicization of the public prosecution service that has been transformed into a tool serving political and personal interests of the ruling camp and its members. This resulted in a growing number of politically motivated cases of investigations carried out against those regarded as opponents of the government. The continuous changes to the criminal justice system (Criminal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Law on the Prosecutor’s Service) expand the powers of the prosecution, amplifying the so-called inequality of arms between the sides of the criminal proceedings and a general repressiveness of the system.

Kramek inflamed the authorities, but they persist

25 June 2021

The list of people who have been destroyed by the authorities is long. Once the Law and Justice party gets its teeth into someone, it does not let go. The list includes the unruly judges Beata Morawiec, Igor Tuleya and Paweł Juszczyszyn, who were stripped of their immunity by the authorities, and presented with absurd […]

Shortcomings in the law enforcement system of Ukraine exemplified by the investigation of attacks on civil activists

20 November 2020

On 12 November 2020, the FightBack legal self-help chat-bot was presented in Kyiv, which was designed to provide free assistance to victims of law enforcement agencies’ inaction and to collect information about the cases of inaction. The chat-bot was created as a result of a series of interviews with activists who were victims of violent attacks in different regions of Ukraine after 2014.

Observation Mission – Human Rights in Ukraine: Selected cases of persecution of civil society activists since 2014

14 July 2020

This report includes, among else, direct observations made during a human rights monitoring mission to Ukraine in the period between 16–19 March 2019. The mission was held at the invitation of representatives of Ukrainian civil society. The mission visited Odessa and Kyiv, where a number of meetings were held with civil society activists, human rights activists, experts, relatives of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia, political refugees, Ukrainian officials, and diplomats accredited in the country. In addition to the meetings, the mission participants monitored a peaceful protest in Odessa on 16 March, 2019 and attended a round table in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 18 March 2019.

Attacks on judges and independent prosecutors in Poland. An ODF event at the OSCE forum

30 September 2019

Due to the intensification of attacks on judges and prosecutors belonging to the Association of Polish Independent Prosecutors, Lex Super Omnia, we held a discussion on their current situation on 26 September 2019.

ODF organises two side-events at OSCE HDIM 2019

13 September 2019

During the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, ODF will be in Warsaw with a delegation of human rights defenders and activists. The first event will take place on Wednesday 18 at 8:15 in Meeting Room 1.

Bartosz Kramek for Gazeta Wyborcza: PiS, Moldova – a common issue

29 April 2019

The Open Dialogue Foundation won the trial with the “Gazeta Polska” magazine, so now editor Tomasz Sakiewicz threatens the judge. And the PiS propaganda attacks the Foundation using a grotesque report of the oligarchic and corrupt parliament of Moldova.

Law and Justice’s campaign against the Open Dialogue Foundation

18 February 2019

Following the coming to power of Jarosław Kaczyński’s Law and Justice party and its president Andrzej Duda in 2015, the state of the rule of law and democracy in Poland steadily deteriorated, as universally acknowledged by the international community, including the first ever… (read more)

PACE side event: Shrinking space for civil society and persecution of human rights activists

8 October 2018

Populists and nationalism are on the rise in many European countries. Sadly, my second homeland, Poland is not an exception but a growing concern for its citizens, residents and the international community.

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