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Italian MPs alarmed by the human rights backsliding in Kazakhstan

7 December 2020

On 25 November 2020, 6 members of the Italian Parliament addressed President Tokayev with a letter, expressing their deep concern about the worrying state of fundamental freedoms in Kazakhstan; the mass repression puts Kazakhstan’s international credibility and its intention of becoming a ‘listening state’ (i.e. open to dialogue with civil society) at stake right before its parliamentary election.

Kazakhstan: MEPs are shocked by the deaths of human rights activists

31 October 2020

On October 16, 2020, two letters signed by twenty-four MEPs representing 14 EU Member States addressed Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in the context of the extremely worrying human rights trend in the country.

Exchange of views with DCAS MEPs on the human rights situation in Kazakhstan

19 February 2020

On 17 February 2020, we arranged a visit of Kazakhstani human rights defenders, Bota Jardemalie and Dana Zhanay, to the European Parliament in order to attend an exchange of views with DCAS members on the situation of human rights in Kazakhstan prior to the 17th EU – Kazakhstan Parliamentary Cooperation Committee (PCC) meeting in Nur-Sultan on 25-27 February. The roundtable discussion provided a rich exchange of views between the MEPs and members of civil society and NGOs.

China’s Contribution to Human Rights Abuse in Kazakhstan: Event at the EP

20 November 2019

Over the past years, China has increased its presence in Kazakhstan, thus making their economic and political relations more robust. Importantly, human rights and the survival of civil society are at stake, as Kazakhstani activists are afraid of the growing dependence onChina, a country which has been often perceived as a bearer of abuse and […]

Bundestag event and meetings in Berlin with Oleg Sentsov, CCL & FIDU

27 September 2019

Oleg Sentsov, former political prisoner gave his first speech abroad, in Berlin, after being released from Russian prison on September 7. To this purpose, on September 26, Frank Schwabe MP and Manuel Sarazzin MP welcomed Sentsov and our delegation to a parliamentary event at the Bundestag.

Strengthening the axis of evil: Dictatorships against Ukraine

12 March 2024

Executive summary This report is the eighth in a series of reports on how third-party countries, especially Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, are assisting Russia in its war against Ukraine. This report focuses on:  the interim results of Western and Ukrainian policies towards Russia and recommendations for strengthening the effectiveness of sanctions mechanisms; analysing the consequences of […]

Repressions and Political Prisoners in Tokayev’s “New Kazakhstan”

18 August 2023

Disclamer This report provides an overview of political persecution and human rights violations in Kazakhstan, as well as a list of political prisoners in Kazakhstan. The information presented in this report was collected with the assistance of Kazakhstani human rights defenders and civil activists. In addition, the report is based on data provided by victims […]

Moldova’s “Theft of the Century” – ostensible investigations or sincere lust for justice?

8 July 2021

The theft of one billion USD from Moldova’s banking system during 2012-2014 was a real shock to the country and its citizens. It still has a dramatic impact on the life of all Moldavans and the functioning of society. The long-term destructive effects of corruption, political mismanagement and the deterioration of the normal functioning of the state are reiterated by the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, the lack of sufficient capacity to fight this health crisis. The aim of the study is to highlight these events and to characterise this latest – still open – chapter in Moldova’s recent history. Another key objective of the study is to contribute to the return of the stolen money to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

Kajetan Wróblewski for Monitor Konstytucyjny: “Poor citizens are looking at the jail”

5 July 2021

Or maybe they are turning their heads away, because they turn their heads as a result of the Kremlin-PiS propaganda. Since June 23, a political prisoner of the PiS party, Bartosz Kramek from the Open Dialogue Foundation, has been held in detention. On July 8, time runs out for him to pay PLN 300,000 bail, which would allow […]

List of Kazakhstani political prisoners and other politically prosecuted persons

31 January 2020

This report examines the cases of 56 victims of politically motivated criminal prosecutions in Kazakhstan. Among them, at least 16 are political prisoners who remain in prisons or pre-trial detention facilities.

List of Kazakhstani political prisoners and other politically prosecuted persons (updated)

4 November 2019

This report examines the cases of 39 individuals who are currently subject to politically motivated criminal prosecution in Kazakhstan. Among them, 21 are political prisoners who remain in prisons or pre-trial detention facilities.

Observation mission: human rights in Ukraine – the situation with anti-corruption activists in Kryvyi Rih

30 May 2019

The study constitutes part of observations made in the period 16–19 March 2019 within the framework of a human rights observation mission, during meetings with representatives of Ukrainian civil society, expert circles, Ukrainian authorities and diplomats accredited in Ukraine.

Report on the results of the human rights monitoring mission to the Republic of Moldova in the period between 26 and 28 July 2018

7 September 2018

A human rights monitoring mission took place in Chișinău, Republic of Moldova, from 26 to 28 July 2018. The mission was led by Mr Antonio Stango, President of the Italian Federation for Human Rights, and Ms Paola Gaffurini, Advocacy Officer for the Open Dialogue Foundation.

Political persecution and harassment in post-Maidan Ukraine. How oligarchs undermine reformers’ efforts

24 June 2017

A high percentage of support (55%) from voters who cast their vote for Petro Poroshenko in the early presidential election in 2014, speaks of the hopes that Ukrainian citizens had placed in the newly elected President of Ukraine.

The story ofThe Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan’ opposition movement

29 January 2016

The Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan (DCK) was the largest opposition movement in Kazakhstan of the past 25 years. The story of the DCK serves as a perfect illustration of the core issues of the Kazakh authoritarian regime.

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