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Collection of Donations for Ukrainian Volunteers and Militaries

18 August 2014

During the 26th Lublin Pilgrimage, organised by Father Mirosław Ładniak, donations were collected for Ukraine’s defenders fighting in the east.

Minister Avakov calls for a positive outcome in the case of the confiscated vests

14 August 2014

Ukrainian minister of internal affairs, Arsen Avakov, in his letter to his Polish counterpart, Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, has appealed for an objective examination of the case of confiscation of 42, 4th grade bulletproof vests sent to Ukraine by the Open Dialog Foundation as humanitarian aid.

Court Dismisses Complaint on Requisition of Bullet-proof Vests at the Border

11 August 2014

The District Court in Tomaszów Lubelski dismissed the complaint filed by the Open Dialog Foundation on the interception of a delivery of bullet-proof vests to Ukraine. There is no right to appeal against this judgment.

Help for Ukrainian Militaries and National Guards

1 August 2014

Through public collections, we help to equip Ukrainian militaries and the National Guards with basic life and health means – bullet-proof vests, helmets and Celox hemostatic dressings.

Prosecutor’s Office Discontinue Investigation on Helmet Export

30 July 2014

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Zamość has discontinued the investigation involving the Ukrainian national Oleg I. against whom, on Monday only, allegations were made concerning his attempt to export 551 helmets.

Criminal charges for saving lives

28 July 2014

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Zamość presented charges to a Ukrainian citizen who was carrying vests and helmets across the border in Zosin.