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Maciej Wąsik must apologize. He lost a lawsuit brought to him by the Open Dialogue Foundation

1 August 2022

The Deputy Minister of the Interior lost the defamation case in court. What does a hearing look like, during which a representative of the government can’t count on the judge’s favour? We play it from the minutes and recordings.

Maciej Wąsik must apologize to the Open Dialogue Foundation

29 July 2022

A verdict was issued on the case brought by Bartosz Kramek, Lyudmyla Kozlovska and the Open Dialogue Foundation founded by them against Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Maciej Wąsik.

Taking the Fight against Poland’s Government into the International Arena

14 December 2021

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Martin Mycielski for EUobserver: Have the Polish people finally had enough?

23 November 2021

After years of mostly ineffective protests against the dismantling of the independent judiciary, human-rights standards, relationship with the EU and, finally, against the ongoing deaths of migrants at the Belarus border, you’d be excused for thinking Poles must have lost hope. Indeed, some on the pro-European side of the expert circles fear Polish democracy might […]

A trap. Interview with Bartosz Kramek for the ‘Asymetryści’ website

25 July 2021

The Head of the Open Dialogue Foundation Board has been hunted by Poland’s secret services ever since he posted an online manifesto calling for a peaceful overthrow of the authoritarian rule of the PiS party. The foundation, which has gained recognition for its fight for human rights and democracy in post-Soviet countries, had to move […]

Bartosz Kramek’ case. Italian senator on the intervention of the secret services spokesman: I have never seen anything like it

17 July 2021

– At first I was sure it was a joke,” said Roberto Rampi in an interview with Onet. The Italian senator was one of the people to whom the spokesman of the coordinator of the special services, Stanisław Żaryn, wrote explaining the detention of social activist Bartosz Kramek from the Open Dialogue Foundation. According to […]

GW: Kramek, you’ll never walk alone. Why does the arrest come now?

16 July 2021

19 people came to the District Court in Lublin to post PLN 300 thousand bail for Bartosz Kramek. – As I was leaving the jail, a prison guard wished me “good luck fighting the regime”. — I am grateful to all those who vouched for me, verbally and financially. Thank you and let’s keep fighting. […]

They stood up for Bartosz Kramek. Stanisław Żaryn replies to the letter, shocking its addressees

15 July 2021

The detention of Bartosz Kramek, the husband of the President of the Open Dialogue Foundation, Lyudmyla Kozlovska, by the Internal Security Agency, has caused an outrage. Mateusz Morawiecki, Zbigniew Ziobro and Mariusz Kamiński received an international appeal for the release of the human rights activist, to which the spokesman for the minister coordinator of special […]

Kajetan Wróblewski for Monitor Konstytucyjny: “Poor citizens are looking at the jail”

5 July 2021

Or maybe they are turning their heads away, because they turn their heads as a result of the Kremlin-PiS propaganda. Since June 23, a political prisoner of the PiS party, Bartosz Kramek from the Open Dialogue Foundation, has been held in detention. On July 8, time runs out for him to pay PLN 300,000 bail, which would allow […]

The Open Dialogue Foundation: Kramek’s arrest is a Kafkaesque farce

1 July 2021

In a special statement, the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF) responded to accusations against Bartosz Kramek, an arrested activist and the husband of Lyudmyla Kozlovska, the head of the organisation. According to the foundation, the accusations are bizarre and the allegations are untrue. On Thursday, 25 June, acting on the request of the public prosecutor’s office, […]

Bartosz Kramek’s Case. A Featured Article by Fryderyk Zoll

30 June 2021

The Open Dialogue Foundation strongly advocated in Brussels against the destruction of the rule of law in Poland. Ever since its inception, the Foundation has had to confront a series of bizarre attacks and slanders whose legitimacy cannot be verified by common citizens. However, one cannot deny that the ODF, which keeps on alerting European […]

Jurasz: Kramek arrest will spur negative international responses

25 June 2021

“The case of Bartosz Kramek, following that of Lyudmyla Kozlovska, in which the Polish government utterly failed to convince others of its arguments, looks bad. I guess that his arrest will likely spur objections across the world. If Kramek and Kozlovska were playing with dirty money, they should be nailed by the authorities, but now […]

Bartosz T. Wieliński: When Law and Justice has it in for someone

25 June 2021

The list of those whom our authorities would like to see hurt is pretty long. If the Law and Justice get their claws at you, they will not let go so easily. Their list of enemies includes defiant judges such as Beata Morawiec, Igor Tuleya or Paweł Juszczyszyn, who are being deprived of their immunities, […]

Court arrests Bartosz Kramek, husband of Lyudmyla Kozlovska, head of Open Dialogue Foundation

25 June 2021

On Thursday, at the request of the public prosecutor’s office, the court issued an arrest warrant for Bartosz Kramek, activist and husband of Lyudmyla Kozlovska, the head of the Open Dialogue Foundation who was expelled from Poland three years ago. What charges were brought against him? Making false statements in VAT invoices and money laundering. […]

Bartosz Kramek to remain in custody on PLN 300,000 bail

25 June 2021

The court has issued an arrest warrant for Bartosz Kramek from the Open Dialogue Foundation, which is secured by a bail of PLN 300,000. According to the prosecutor’s office, Kramek is to be charged with providing false representations concerning the provision of services worth PLN 5.3 million. Both Kramek, his wife and the ODF deny […]