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PAP (Polish Press Agency): Open Dialogue Foundation gave 70 helmets to Ukrainians

18 September 2014

‘70 helmets were donated for Ukrainian soldiers by the Open Dialogue Foundation. Over 20 ODF volunteers carried the gear across the pedestrian border crossing in Medyka late Tuesday evening’ – reported the Polish Press Agency (PAP). New law. Five helmets better than just one…

18 September 2014

Dziennik Polski has published a note about the Open Dialogue Foundation’s aid campaign for Ukraine. Vests on the Way from Germany to Ukraine. ABW stopped them in Poland

16 September 2014

As reported by portal – 200 used vests which were to be delivered to Ukraine, were seized by the Internal Security Agency and have been lying in storage in the Lubuskie region.

Gazeta Lubuska about 200 vests kept by the ABW

16 September 2014

Gazeta Lubuska reported the holding by the Internal Security Agency (ABW) of 200 vests which were to be delivered to Ukraine.

PAP: Investigation into Export of Bullet-proof Vests to Ukraine Discontinued

2 September 2014

The Polish Press Agency (PAP) has provided information about the discontinuation of the investigation into the export to Ukraine of bullet-proof vests.

Dziennik Polski daily: Helmets free, vests still in custody…

22 August 2014

In its Friday edition, the Dziennik Polski daily informs of the case of bulletproof vests confiscated on the Polish-Ukrainian border, forming part of the humanitarian aid delivered to the Ukrainian military.

TVN24: Helmets to be returned

21 August 2014

As the information portal of TVN24 puts it, 551 helmets which were confiscated at the Polish-Ukrainian border by decision of District Prosecutor of Zamość will be returned. That does not mean, however, that Oleg I., who attempted to transport the equipment, will be allowed to ship it to Ukraine.

“Gazeta Wyborcza” daily: Helmets detained at Ukrainian border to be returned

21 August 2014

As the portal informs, the helmets seized at the border will be returned to Oleg I., who on June 28th attempted to transport the equipment through the Zosin border crossing point. Wyborcza also follows the Polish Press Agency in describing the issue of 42 bulletproof vests, which the Open Dialogue Foundation was to donate […]

Kronika Tygodnia: The court did not help Ukrainians

19 August 2014

The regional Zamość newspaper “Kronika Tygodnia“ reports on the verdict by the Tomaszów Mazowiecki court in the case of the 42 seized bulletproof vests. Bulletproof vests seized by customs remain in storage

16 August 2014

The Internet edition of “Gazeta Zamojska” described the case of the 42 bulletproof vests confiscated from the transport of humanitarian aid, sent by the Open Dialogue Foundation for the Ukrainian military and civilians.

Dziennik Polski: Confiscated vests not to protect Ukrainians

12 August 2014

In their article of August 12th, Dziennik Polski informs of the confiscation of bulletproof vests purchased by the Open Dialogue Foundation. As the author rightly notes, the vests are useless when lying idle in storage, whilst people are dying in Ukraine.

PAP cites Dziennik Polski: Vests seized will not protect Ukrainians

12 August 2014

Polish Press Agency reports, citing the Dziennik Polski, on the confiscation of bulletproof vests which were part of the humanitarian aid being sent to Ukraine by the Open Dialogue Foundation.

Polsat News: N. Panchenko on possible Russian invasion of Ukraine

12 August 2014

The Open Dialogue Foundation coordinator, Natalia Panchenko, in her interview for Polsat News mentioned the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Polsat News: Complaint in the case of confiscated bulletproof vests dismissed

11 August 2014

The spokesman for the Open Dialogue Foundation, Tomasz Czuwara, and attorney Wojciech Mądrzycki commented on the district court’s decision to dismiss their complaint in the case of bulletproof vests that were seized as evidence in a pending investigation. Polish helmets to go to Ukraine?

10 August 2014

The Internet portal published an article on bulletproof vests and helmets sent to Ukraine in the context of Polish customs blocking the export of such life-saving equipment.

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