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The Democratic Party media reported on the deportation from the EU of the ‘PAS and DA lobbyist’ for her ‘links with the special services of the Russian Federation’. What’s awkward here?

16 August 2018

Some Moldovan media, considered as close to the Democratic Party, reported the deportation from Poland of the head of the Open Dialogue Foundation, a civil society activist from Ukraine Lyudmyla Kozlovska. These media claim that Kozlovska was deported from the EU

‘The Polish Government takes revenge on my wife for my civic activism’ – says Bartosz Kramek about the ODF President’s deportation

15 August 2018

Poland placed Lyudmyla Kozlovska on the Schengen Information System (SIS) alert list which resulted in her immediate deportation from the EU territory. This opened yet another stage of the battle led by the Polish Government against the Open Dialogue Foundation, considering that Bartosz… (read more)

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