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ODF in the EP in Strasbourg: the Fall of Sandu’s Government in Moldova

19 December 2019

On December 18-19, 2019, the Open Dialogue Foundation’s team, together with human rights defenders from Moldova, conducted very constructive meetings in the European Parliament in plenary session in Strasbourg. The delegation consisted of Ana Ursachi, attorney prosecuted for political reasons, Stefan Gligor, co-founder and Justice and Advocacy Program Director at the Center for Policies and Reforms, Stella Juntuan, activist and former member of the Moldovan parliament, Grigore Petrenco, political refugee in Germany and leader of the Red Bloc opposition party, and was led by our colleague Martin Mycielski, Public Affairs Director at ODF.

Has the State Been Captured Yet Again? Corruption and Political Persecutions in Moldova

17 December 2019

The Democratic Party of Moldova came to power in the Republic of Moldova for the first time in 2013. Over 6 years, the party and its leader Vladimir Plahotniuc managed to establish control over the key state bodies and to usurp power in the state. On 8 June 2019 a government was formed in Moldova that was headed by Maia Sandu. The objectives of the new government were proclaimed to be deoligarchisation, fighting corruption, and conducting reform of justice.

They’ve Come For You: Misuse of Extradition Procedures and Interstate Legal Assistance

5 November 2019

In the present document, the Open Dialogue Foundation, the Italian Federation for Human Rights, the Arrested Lawyers Initiative, the Human Rights Defenders e.V. and the Kharkiv Institute for Social Research attempt to fill the gaps in the PACE report and propose recommendations with respect to improving cooperation among the member states of the Council of Europe in the sphere of extradition.

Gazeta Prawna: Law and Justice party loses to Kozlovska. Court challenges quality of Internal Security Agency materials

9 September 2019

The Voivodeship Administrative Court ruled that the conclusions drawn by the agency were not rationally derived from the evidence it has gathered.

ODF and FIDU advocated for human rights at the 28th OSCE PA Annual Session

2 August 2019

On July 4th, in occasion of the 28th OSCE PA Annual Session, the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF) and the Italian Federation for Human Rights (FIDU) organised a side-event on post-elections scenarios in Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan at the premises of the European Convention Centre in Luxembourg. Th

ODF & FIDU event on post-election scenarios in Moldova, Kazakhstan & Ukraine in Council of Europe

29 July 2019

On June 25, 2019, upon the initiative of PACE Member Roberto Rampi (Italy; SOC), the Open Dialogue Foundation and the Italian Federation for Human Rights hosted the side-event “Post-elections scenarios in Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan. Between political uncertainty and regime consolidation”.

Open Dialogue: Investigation by the prosecutor’s office into abuse of power to the detriment of the Foundation

19 July 2019

On 17 July we received a notification from the District Prosecutor’s Office of Łódź-Bałuty in Łódź about the initiation of an investigation into the infringement of tax secrecy and abuse of power to the detriment of the Open Dialogue Foundation and our related company Silk Road Biuro on 5 July 2019.

Lyudmyla Kozlovska

7 July 2019

Lyudmyla is a graduate of Finance at the State Technical University in Sevastopol and at the University of Wales in Bangor. She was a Polish government scholarship holder and Ph.D. student at the Department of History of the European College of Polish and Ukrainian Universities in Lublin. Civic activist, involved in the activities of the […]

Invitation to side-event “Democratisation in post-Soviet states: a path hurdled by political uncertainty and power preservation”

27 June 2019

On the occasion of the 28th OSCE PA Annual Session, ODF and FIDU are pleased to invite you to a side-event on post-elections scenarios in Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan, on Thursday, 4 July 2019, from 12:30 to 14.30, room E (Level 1), at the premises of the European Convention Centre in Luxembourg.

DGP part 3: Kozlovska, Platon and the theft of the century

26 June 2019

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs argues that they were against using the discussion about the Open Dialogue Foundation in Poland to deal with the Moldovan opposition.

DGP part 1: Kozlovska’s case. State trash lab [DGP investigations]

25 June 2019

DGP has a full report from the Moldovan Investigation Committee on the Open Dialogue Foundation. The document indicates that Poland might have cooperated on the ODF case with the special services in that country controlled by the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc.

Kozlovska’s name removed from the SIS list. Poland loses to the Open Dialogue Foundation

24 June 2019

Having been granted a long-term resident’s EU card, Lyudmyla Kozlovska, the head of the Open Dialogue Foundation, is no longer included in the Schengen Information System, according to DGP information.

Commentary on the Sejm committee meetings of 25 April 2019 and attacks of Law and Justice MPs on the Open Dialogue Foundation

17 June 2019

In connection with the meetings of the Parliamentary Committees for Special Services and the EU of 25 April 2019 at which the issue of our organisation, ODF, was raised, as well as numerous media attacks by Law and Justice politicians, we would like to refer to the allegations made against us.

PACE side-event invitation: “Post-elections scenarios in Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan”

10 June 2019

This side-event is aimed at bringing together CSOs and Members of PACE who took part in election and human rights observation missions, with the goal to discuss the current situation and attitude of the new and old ruling elites towards the challenges of the future.

Statement on the defamatory article in the Sunday Times about the Open Dialogue Foundation

29 May 2019

On April 21, 2019, an article, written by Carlos Alba and Jordan Ryan, was published in the Scottish edition of the Sunday Times newspaper under various titles (1, 2, 3, as well as in print with the title “British firms ‘linked to dirty money used against Putin opponents’”).

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