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Sort Helmets and vests for the Ukrainians confiscated. Will charges be pressed?

22 July 2014

The Internet portal presented the case of Ukrainians who attempted to carry bulletproof vests and helmets for volunteers, independent observers, journalists and Ukrainians fighting terrorists in the east of the country.

Superstacja TV: Tomasz Czuwara on war in Ukraine

16 July 2014

Tomasz Czuwara in his interview for Superstacja talked about the war in Ukraine and the much needed support to overcome Russian aggression. A new type of ‘mules’ at the border? Poland is visited mainly by those who purchase bulletproof vests and helmets

4 July 2014

The Internet portal has informed that, over the course of recent months, Ukrainians have been shipping bulletproof vests and helmets across the border on a large scale. The article cites the President of Open Dialogue Foundation. Smugglers of bulletproof vests and helmets!

4 July 2014

As the website informs – “The Ukrainians are on a massive armaments spree. The tense situation in the country and the lack of real protection against the separatist bandits led the nation to look for alternative ways of coping with the threat.”

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