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Igor Vinyavskiy

2 April 2012

The case on persecution

Каzakhstan: how to pass a test on democracy?

1 April 2012

In early March 2012 the international community placed high expectations on Kazakhstan. But the situation began to change dramatically after the prominent opposition leaders

Press release: Employees of ‘The Republic’ released, but the director dissapeared

29 March 2012

Journalist Irina Mednikova and Head of Publications Dissemination Department, Julia Kozlova were met by the security services at the entrances of their homes.

Irina Mednikova

29 March 2012

The case on persecution

The statement of the Open Dialogue Foundation

27 March 2012

Irina Mednikova, the editor of the “Voice of the Republic” newspaper, and the head of the Publications Dissemination Department, Yulia Kozlova, were detained by officers of the Department of the National Security Committee.

Igor Vinyavskiy: Now everything is divided into ‘before’ and ‘after’

16 March 2012

Interview with Igor Vinyavskiy, the editor of the ‘Vzglyad’ newspaper, given after his release.

Freedom House Welcomes Release of Kazakh Journalist Vinyavskiy

15 March 2012

Editor of the Kazakhstani opposition newspaper “Vzglyad,” was given amnesty and released from the Committee of National Security’s detention center

Lyudmyla Kozlovska’s speech

13 March 2012

Meeting took place in Brussels

The ‘liberation’ of Sokolova is merely a PR ploy of the Akorda!

12 March 2012

The statement of the ‘Khalyk Maidany’ organisation regarding the so-called ‘liberation’ of Natalia Sokolova

Natalia Sokolova received a special gift for the 8th of March – she finally returned home.

9 March 2012

Sokolova was extremely brief because the preventive measure which was applied toward her prohibits to give any comments on what happened or what is happening.

Igor Vinyavskiy: “I consider my case political”

5 March 2012

An apprehension and ridiculous charges filed against the editor-in-chief of the ‘Vzlgyad’ newspaper put him in one group with the most famous ‘prisoners of conscience’.

Newspaper editor Igor Vinyavsky still in prison

5 March 2012

In a show of support for Igor Vinyavsky, the editor of the Kazakh independent daily Vzglyad, who has been held for more than a month, Reporters Without Borders is publishing an interview he gave on 1 July 2011 .

Urgent announcement: The Kazakh authorities are hiding the truth about Vladimir Kozlov’s health and threatening his wife.

1 March 2012

The threats were sent to the home of Alia Turusbekova, Vladimir Kozlovs’ wife, saying that Vladimir Kozlov may be transferred to Zhanaozen to a detention facility with a stricter regime.

Ermukhamet Ertysbaev: The state has the right to protect its national security

23 February 2012

Ermukhamet Ertysbaev: ‘As for the TV channel “K +”, they carry out acts of real information terrorism against Kazakhstan’.

MEP saw the Zhanaozen inhabitants’ tears

22 February 2012

MEP Piotr Borys, who visited Zhanaozen, stated that the town’s residents are afraid to speak openly.

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