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Newspaper editor Igor Vinyavsky still in prison

5 March 2012

In a show of support for Igor Vinyavsky, the editor of the Kazakh independent daily Vzglyad, who has been held for more than a month, Reporters Without Borders is publishing an interview he gave on 1 July 2011 .

Urgent announcement: The Kazakh authorities are hiding the truth about Vladimir Kozlov’s health and threatening his wife.

1 March 2012

The threats were sent to the home of Alia Turusbekova, Vladimir Kozlovs’ wife, saying that Vladimir Kozlov may be transferred to Zhanaozen to a detention facility with a stricter regime.

Ermukhamet Ertysbaev: The state has the right to protect its national security

23 February 2012

Ermukhamet Ertysbaev: ‘As for the TV channel “K +”, they carry out acts of real information terrorism against Kazakhstan’.

MEP saw the Zhanaozen inhabitants’ tears

22 February 2012

MEP Piotr Borys, who visited Zhanaozen, stated that the town’s residents are afraid to speak openly.

MEP: “We will urge the gevernment of Kazachstan to include foreign observers in the investigation”.

21 February 2012

MEP Piotr Borys visited the town of Zhanaozen in Kazakhstan.

The statement of the Open Dialogue Foundation regarding the publication of new documents relating to the situation in Zhanaozen

15 February 2012

Announcement: Documents which indicate the use of violence by the police against minors in Zhanaozen have been published

Letter to Request Support for Igor Vinyavskiy

8 February 2012

[20:08:20] Interlexica: As a result of this leaflet, the editor-in-chief and the journalists of Kazakhstan may be incarcerated for seven years

The NSC forbade the passing of a food and clothes package to the ‘Alga’ leader

7 February 2012

Vladimir Kozlov is convinced that the charges filed against him are contrived.

‘Alga!’ activists were ordered to report for questioning

6 February 2012

The National Security Committee of Kazakhstan commits acts that bear signs of a planned operation aimed at blocking the work of the regional offices of the ‘Alga!’ party.

“Open Dialog” between government officials and civil society representatives in European Parliament

3 February 2012

Conference dedicated to social and political situation in Kazakhstan after parliamentary elections in this republic was organized by Free Speech Association (SWS), Association of Journalists, Poland (SDP) and Open Dialogue Foundation.

In the ‘Respublika’ newspaper security service workers confiscate office equipment

2 February 2012

Confiscation of computers and other office equipment by the workers of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan began in the office of the ‘Golos Respubliki’ newspaper in Almaty.

Web-conference of a journalist Yelena Kostyuchenko with the participants of the Facebook group called ‘Zhanaozen’

27 January 2012

A Russian Reporter comments on the mood of the people of the Mangistau Province: “The anti-Nazarbaev mood is, of course, very strong after his comments made on TV, regarding the events in Zhanaozen”.

U.S. Official Blasts Kazakh Security Provision

27 January 2012

The chairman of the U.S. Helsinki Commission has blasted a provision of Kazakhstan’s newly adopted Law on National Security

‘Respublika’ expects arrests and searches as early as Monday

27 January 2012

The press release of ‘Respublika’

Resolution of Investigation Department of the Committee for National Security

26 January 2012

Order on Opening a Criminal Case №  and accepting it for proceedings Almaty, January 23, 2012 The senior investigator from the Investigation Department of the Committee for National Security in ​​Almaty, Captain Kobenbaev S, after examining the material registered in the Log of the Registration of Statements and Information relating to crimes under № 159 […]

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