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The Central Electoral Committee has commented the first report of mission of ODIHR/OSCE

24 March 2011

The Central Electoral Committee of Kazakhstan (CEC) does not agree with the facts of violations during electoral process found out by the mission of ODIHR/OSCE.

Police is the tool of struggle against heterodoxy

22 March 2011

On the morning of 3/22/2011 at railway stations of cities of Kokshetau, Kyzylorda, and Astana police officers have withdrawn posters and stickers calling citizens of Kazakhstan to boycott preterm presidential election coming on April 3rd.

The calls with threats and arrest of the active workers of “Let’s leave the housing to the people” movement

22 March 2011

On March 15th more than 500 active workers of “Let’s leave the housing to the people” and “For worthy housing” public organizations from different regions wanted to meet the presidential candidate for Nursultan Nazarbayev in Astana.

The armed attack on active workers of “Alga!” opposition party in Pavlodar

22 March 2011

The active workers of “Alga!” opposition party were assaulted on March 11th in Pavlodar.

Adil Soz “Presidential Election and 2011 Electioneering coverage. Monitoring preliminary report (1-8 of March 2011)”

21 March 2011

April 3 the special Presidential Election will take place in Kazakhstan.

The “Azat” Nationwide Social Democratic Party was refused to delegate its representative in Central Electoral Committee structure

17 March 2011

The central election committee of Kazakhstan has refused the delegation of the representative in structure of the commission of the Central Electoral Committee at the period of the pre-term presidential election to the “Azat”.

Former Foreign Office Minister: Suspicious relations Duke of York with dictators

15 March 2011

Some may say this is traditional Royal high jinks. But the charge sheet against Andrew is very long and it is undermining the valuable, diligent work of the rest of the Royal Family.

Revolution U: What Egypt learned from the students who overthrew Milosevic

1 March 2011

CANVAS has worked with dissidents from almost every country in the Middle East; the region contains one of CANVAS’s biggest successes, Lebanon, and one of its most disappointing failures, Iran.

Early elections after Сonstitutional Council rejected referendum plan

4 February 2011

More than half of 9 mn registered voters in Kazakhstan signed a petition earlier calling to hold a referendum to extend the President’s mandate.

OSCE human rights chief voices concern about possible referendum on extension of Kazakh president’s term of office

15 January 2011

The purpose of the planned referendum is inconsistent with Kazakhstan’s international obligations and we hope the competent authorities will take the appropriate steps to stop this initiative.

Criminal investigations against Timur Kulibayev in Switzerland

9 November 2010

ZURICH. A criminal investigation in Switzerland has been opened into allegations of money laundering against Timur Kulibayev, son-in-law of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Open Dialogue Foundation “Report of a long-term observation mission of local self-government election in Ukraine October 24-31, 2010”

4 November 2010

Long-term observation was organized by an observation group which consisted of Yaroslav Prystash, editor of weekly of Ukrainian minority in Poland “Nasze Słowo” and Danilo Bekturganov – expert of election campaigns in Kazakhstan.

Ivan Sherstyuk “Journalism in post-soviet countries: a risky sport, becoming more and more popular”

4 November 2010

The problem of protection of Internet environment, as well as individual network journalists and bloggers from the pressure of the authorities today has to seek attention of the international community.

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