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According to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bartosz Kramek is inciting to break the law. It tells the Foundation to delete the “illegal” content

17 August 2017

On the 7th August, the Open Dialogue Foundation received another letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this time telling it to urgently delete from the web space „information inciting to undertake illegal activities”.

Statement of Global Ukrainians expressing concern over unacceptable pressure on the Open Dialogue Foundation in Poland

16 August 2017

Members of the Global Ukrainians network are alarmed by recent allegations (utterly unproven) coming from certain state media outlets in Poland concerning alleged ODF’s links to Russian secret services, and by mass distortion of information in reports of Euromaidan events

Seven inspectors representing the Customs and Tax Office in Łódź visited the Open Dialogue Foundation

8 August 2017

On 7 August, a group of seven inspectors representing the Customs and Tax Office in Łódź visited the domicile of the ODF’s accounting services provider. The inspectors retained documents concerning the Foundation’s taxable income and bank account statements for 2014-2016

Centre for Civil Liberties’s statement on the pressure on civil society organisations in Poland

7 August 2017

It is very surprising to us to read statements, unsupported by evidence, about the alleged links of the Open Dialogue Foundation with the Russian special services. It seems that the publications, which appear in certain government media, are retaliation for the active position of the organisation.

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