Combating financial exclusion and work of BTC Coalition

The practice of illiberal states excluding their opponents from the financial system suffers from lack of public attention, which further facilitates the abuse of transnational legal cooperation mechanisms. We have been working on the issue since our subsequent banking contracts were terminated. It happened as a result of politically motivated prosecution, combined with legal assistance requests and smear campaigns conducted against us, as a human rights watchdog, by authoritarian and hybrid regimes. 

This made us a victim of the misuse of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations and anti-money laundering/countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) laws adhered to by banks and other financial institutions which found our organisation and associates to be high-risk clients. In a similar manner, not only civil society watchdogs, but many opposition organisations, political activists, diaspora leaders, inconvenient lawyers, journalists and various associated individuals were targeted by autocrats who, by manipulating Western legal frameworks and institutions, aim to extend their reach overseas.    

The Building True Change Coalition (BTC Coalition), coordinated by the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF), advocates to protect fundamental rights and promote financial inclusion. Its members include human rights defenders, political activists, Bitcoin entrepreneurs and industry experts. The BTC Coalition aims to (1) combat the AML/CFT abuse within the wider range of transnational repression mechanisms; (2) promote financial inclusion in non-democratic and developing countries; (3) promote Bitcoin and stablecoins as tools to support human rights efforts and provide humanitarian aid worldwide; (4) educate on the role of Bitcoin mining as an instrument to facilitate the adoption of renewable energy sources.

In 2022-2023, thanks to much-appreciated financial support of industry leaders Obi Nwosu, Jack Dorsey, Mike Brock, and the Ukrainian Blockchain Association, the BTC Coalition conducted over 200 face-to-face and online meetings with regulators and legislators in the EU, UK, USA and Canada.


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Reports and other studies


Lyudmyla Kozlovska

President of the Open Dialogue Foundation & Human rights defender from Ukraine

Bota Jardemalie

Human rights lawyer & defender from Kazakhstan, political refugee in Belgium

Anna Chekhovich

Financial director of Alexei Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation from Russia

Fadi Elsalameen

Democracy advocate from Palestine & adjunct senior fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute

Obi Nwosu

CEO & Founder of Fedi, former CEO of the first UK Bitcoin exchange

Farida Nabourema

Social activist & writer from Togo

Mike Brock

Chief Executive Officer at Block's TBD (USA)

Jorge Jraissati

Venezuelan activist & President, Organization for Economic Inclusion

Jaroslav Likhachevskiy

co-founder of the New Belarus platform & Bysol Foundation, director of the AI company Deepdee from Belarus

Jesús González

Venezuelan freedom fighter & coordinator of the Office of the Interim President Juan Guaido

Roya Mahboub

Afghan entrepreneur & philanthropist, CEO of Digital Citizen Fund

Ismail Mesut Sezgin

Turkish opposition political commentator

Mark Morton

Co-founder & Managing Director at Scilling Digital Mining (Ireland)

Suba Churchill

Executive Director of the Kenya National Civil Society Centre and Chairperson of the Horn of Africa Civil Society Forum

Tetiana Pechonchyk

Head of the Board of the Human Rights Center ZMINA

Michael Chobanian

President of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine and a founder of

Katarzyna Szczypska

Human Rights Activist, the Open Dialogue Foundation

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