Defence of the rule of law in Poland

Until now, we have never formally spoken out on the internal situation in Poland (and, quite naively, thought we would never have to); Poland is usually a model and inspiration for our eastern neighbours and other post-Soviet states wishing to carry out transformation.

Polish people have often shown them great solidarity, and our country has been a safe haven for political refugees. Although struggling with our own problems and obligations, we cannot remain passive to the ongoing attempt to destroy the rule of law and democracy in Poland. This is not about party politics (although not only are numerous civic organisations standing on the same side of the barricade today, but so, also, are opposition politicians); this is a matter of principle. It is a matter,however grandiose it may sound, of the fundamental values ​​and future of our country. The future of Poland as a liberal, Western democracy – as a secure, stable EU and NATO Member State.

Therefore, given the current circumstances, we would like to express our official support for the civic protests against the anti-constitutional activities of the Law and Justice government, and our support for independent courts.

We strongly encourage everyone to participate in daily protest actions and rallies. At the same time, we believe that the protests themselves may not be enough. But this does not mean that we should surrender and accept the unlawful seizure of the Supreme Court and ordinary courts by party nominees.


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