Free Bartosz Kramek! #FreeKramek

On the 23rd of June, 2021, Bartosz Kramek, an activist and the Chairman of ODF’s Supervisory Board, was detained by law enforcement officers of the Internal Security Agency (ABW), at the recommendation of Zbigniew Ziobro’s Prosecutor’s Office. The allegations directed at Bartosz and the Foundation are bizarre, unsubstantiated and represent the political fight against NGOs which are inconvenient for the government. These same allegations have already been rejected three times in court in relation to the President of the Foundation, Ludmiła Kozłowska, as well as by the the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Moldova, from which these allegations – as ABW has admitted – come.

Citing an alleged risk of impeding the investigation, the Prosecutor’s Office requested that Bartek be subjected to the most severe form of precautionary measure – 3 months of unconditional arrest. The court did not fully share the Public Prosecutor’s “concerns” and ordered a bail of 300 thousand zloty, which must be paid by July 8th. Those who want to help Bartek to be released by offering part of the bail are asked to contact us directly.

We demand the immediate release of Bartek, who can definitively be described as the first political prisoner of the Third Polish Republic. Below are our positions, which not only refute all the allegations made by the authorities and the media sympathetic to them, but also indicate that the time of the detainment was no accident. We also encourage you to read the numerous press materials describing the case, as well as our previous publications, which show the scale of the attacks by PiS against ODF and its reasons. Additionally, we encourage all Facebook users to show solidarity with Bartek, imprisoned by PiS, by using our special frame.