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Support Civil Society in Kazakhstan: public fundraising campaign

Serenie maThe Open Dialogue Foundation launches an urgent fundraising call for an international human rights campaign for the victims of mass torture, shootings and political repression in Kazakhstan. 

Background: After the largest peaceful protests in the history of Kazakhstan, demanding a complete change of power and the release of political prisoners in January 2022, the authorities launched an unprecedented crackdown against civil society. 

Tens of thousands of civilians have suffered from torture, Tokayev’s order to “shoot without warning”, and the deployment of CSTO troops into Kazakhstan to suppress the peaceful protests. 

Who we are: The Open Dialogue Foundation has been an advocate for human rights and political prisoners in Kazakhstan for 11 years in the international arena.  Over these years, together with volunteers, we have been able to free hundreds of political prisoners in Kazakhstan. Now, when the number of political prisoners is in the tens of thousands – we urgently need your help. 

How you can help: 

Your donation will determine: 

  • whether or not legal and humanitarian aid for victims of the regime is provided;  
  • whether or not the independent media and activists who fight for democracy in Kazakhstan on a daily basis are supported;
  • whether the international human rights campaign to impose personal sanctions on Kazakh officials responsible for human rights violations will achieve its goals. We have been running this campaign for several years already. As a result, in January 2022 the European Parliament called to impose personal sanctions on the top officials of Kazakhstan. But we need your help to effectively and quickly submit lists of those who should be included in the sanctions and to resist the propaganda of the Kazakh authorities in the international arena;
  • whether those who surrendered the sovereignty of Kazakhstan by sending CSTO troops againstpeaceful demonstrators in Kazakhstan will be held accountable under international law and how soon Kazakhstan can become a democratic country.

Some examples of the results of our advocacy efforts: 

As a registered charity organisation (both in Belgium, foundation number BE0707619354 and in Poland, KRS 0000353754) we pride ourselves in 100% transparency of all our funding and spending. Our annual technical and financial reports are available here .

You can read more about ODF’s work on our Facebook  & Twitter, as well as the profiles of our #ActivistsNotExtremists campaign: Facebook  & Twitter.

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