#LetMyPeopleGo campaign

The Open Dialogue Foundation focuses its activities on laying the analytical grounds for an international campaign, aiming at the release of the political prisoners from the #LetMyPeopleGo list that are kept in Russia or on the territories of the illegally occupied Crimea.

From the moment of the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula by the Russian armed forces, the number of cases of human rights violations in Crimea has dramatically increased. Many citizens of Ukraine have been unlawfully detained and judged by the Russian authorities. All victims have their own story to be told and need support in this difficult situation. They require personalised legal aid, they want to be heard and seen on the international arena. The first report on the political prisoners kept in Russia was prepared in 2015, during a large-scale campaign of support for, at the time still imprisoned, Nadiya Savchenko.

ODF was actively angeged in the campaign of support for Nadiya Savchenko by promoting “Savchenko List” in the European Parliament and in the national parliaments of the EU member states. It presented proposals of individual targeted sanctions against Russian officials involved in the human rights violations. The Foundation has also been countering Russian attempts to disseminate false information about the cases of the ‘hostages’

The #LetMyPeopleGo campaign has been launched by the Centre for Civil Liberties Euromaisan SOS and is supported by numerous Ukrainian and international organisations: People in Need, Euromaidan Press, Euromaidan Warszawa, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ukrainain Ombudsman Office, etc.

Facebook: #LetMyPeopleGo Ukraine, #LetMyPeopleGo English; Twitter: #LetMyPeopleGo

Download portraits of hostages of the Kremlin


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