Lustration: why is it needed?

In the area of ​​lustration, understood as carrying out a wide review and verification of state officials in Ukraine, the Foundation worked closely with the Civic Lustration Committee, headed by Yegor Sobolev. Analyses, which form the basis for expert opinions and recommendations, subsequently used in the legislative process by representatives of the Civic Lustration Committee and members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, were produced within the framework of the cooperation. Apart from the expert work, the Foundation also organised study visits for representatives of the Lustration Committee, to the EU countries, where meetings with themanagement of national and transnational institutions, responsible for lustration and observance of law and justice, were held; also, numerous conferences and seminars were organised in various regions of Ukraine. The international conference entitled ‘Lustration: solutions for Ukraine’, has become the key event. It has attracted more than a hundred Ukrainian and foreign experts, law theoreticians, civil society activists, as well as representatives of the media, business and government. In addition, a number of other undertakings, designed to transfer experience from Central and Eastern Europe, were held.


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