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Nadiya Savchenko

Nadia Savchenko, a Ukrainian lieutenant, participated, as a volunteer, in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in eastern Ukraine. She was kidnapped by terrorists from the Lugansk People’s Republic and transferred to Russia. She was falsely accused of involvement in the assassination of Russian journalists and detained in custody on the territory of Russia. The Foundation is one of the initiators of the international campaign in support of Savchenko and the author of the so-called ‘Savchenko list’: a list of persons responsible for the kidnap, arrest and pre-trial incarceration of the Ukrainian woman.
. We sought the release of Nadia and the imposition of personal sanctions on those responsible for her kidnapping and arrest. On 25 May, 2016, Savchenko was released from the Russian prison and transported to Ukraine in exchange for two Russian GRU soldiers, convicted in Ukraine. At the Borispol airport, she was awaited, among others, by representatives of the ODF. The release of Nadia, however, does not end the battle for the imposition of sanctions on those responsible for her kidnapping, arrest and illegal detention.

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