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Bartosz Kramek

Bartosz KramekHead of the Foundation Board

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He has supported the Open Dialog Foundation since 2010 and been the Head of the Foundation Board since 2012. Organiser of observation missions and support for Ukrainian civil society during EuroMaidan at the turn of the year 2014. Radio and television commentator.

In previous years, he held the position of Sales Director at Etendard Sp. z o.o. and project manager at ‘Inwestor TV’ portal, he also worked in the sales departmentat ‘TransmisjeOnline Sp. z o.o.’.His adventure with NGO sector started in the Foundation ‘Business Centre Club’ Student Forum, where he coordinated a project dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship over 20 years of market economy in Poland, and then co-created the Foundation for Business Development ‘STARTER’ and cooperatedwith the ’Management Observatory’ Foundation, Social Educational Society and others.

He gained his managerial education during his studies at the Faculty of Management and Social Communication at Jagiellonian University and the Leon Kozminski University.

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