Ukrainians in Poland and on the Polish labour market

The gate to Europe

Poland and Ukraine together have great potential for development. Historical animosities sink into oblivion, and our countries cooperate on many levels. Poland is the gateway to the European Union for Ukraine. By supporting Ukraine, we try to open the door for you as widely as possible. From the early days of Maidan, we sent to Ukraine dozens of tonnes of humanitarian aid, and the value of our actions for the benefit of Ukraine at the end of last year had reached more than 1 million Polish zlotys. In the ‘Ukrainian World’ centre, run by us in Warsaw, we offer you free-of-charge language courses, we provide access to computers and the Internet ensuring connectivity with the world, we provide psychological support, we organise meetings and cultural, social, political and team-building events. 

Our mission

The Foundation is of the opinion that visas for citizens of Ukraine should be abolished as soon as possible, and that Ukraine should become a full member of the EU and the Schengen area. But until this happens, we shall continue to help Ukrainians in legally obtaining residence permits and taking up jobs on Polish territory. We are aware of the seriousness of the current situation in Ukraine, as well as the frequent abuse and fraud committed by rogue traders who offer permits and work in Poland, but often fail to comply with their obligations. We wanted to create a credible alternative for Ukrainians who come to our country.

Our mission is to help make the labour market civilised. Every day we strive to uphold the reputation of our organisation, and that is why we know that we cannot betray your trust. We are at your disposal.

What exactly can we help you with? 

    • obtainment of visas of different types
    • obtainment of residence permits
    • tracing Polish roots and obtainment of the Polish citizen’s card
  • JOBS
    • assistance in the preparation of documents
    • enhancement of professional skills – courses and training
    • obtainment of work permits
    • employment in partner companies
    • temporary accommodation in hostels and in private apartments
    • searches for apartments for rent and support during negotiations with landlords
    • In a comprehensive manner, we will take care of your business in Poland and other EU countries. We register companies, provide them with full administrative accounting and legal assistance and help in attracting customers to your services and products.
    • If, as a Ukrainian producer, you become an exporter to the EU market, we will take care of customs formalities and obtain the necessary certificates and permits on your behalf.
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Contact us

Natalia Panczenko
T: +48 660 79 67 97
                skype: panchenkonatalia7
                e: [email protected]

Kristina Avramchenko
T: +380 934 203 444
                skype: avramchenko
                e: [email protected]

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